Metal Stamping

Metal stamping is a manufacturing process used to convert flat metal plates into specific shapes through several metal forming techniques.

The stamping and stamping techniques used to shape the metal include: Chisel, bending, casting, embossing, flange … Before implementation, the technicians must design 3D models to ensure quality.optimal amount. Then you can use many types of machining,grinding … to complete the product.

Types of metal stamping:

Progressive stamping tooling:

Metal plates are fed into continuous die stamping machines. Each station in the press performs a different cutting, stamping or bending operation. Each station completes a piece of the product. When through all the stations, the product has been completed.

Progressive mold is the mold solution for complexly shaped metal parts, offering the following advantages:

• Turn faster

• Low labor costs

• Shorter time

• Higher repeatability.

● Fourslide stamping:

4 tools are used simultaneously to shape the workpiece. This process can perform the most complex parts. It also provides advantages:

• Flexibility for complex parts

• More flexibility for design changes

● Short stamping:

Ideal solution for small projects or prototyping. After the pestle has been created, the manufacturer will use a combination of custom tooling components and molds to bend, punch, etc. depending on the product requirements.

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