About Us

New System is a Malaysia based company providing a specialized in design & fabrication of metal stamping tooling, metal stamping, laser cutting and powder coating services.

New System has always believed in providing the best professional and technical services to all our customers. This is where we have steadfastly established ourselves into a strong, reputable and reliable company.

Although our primary focus is on design & tool making ,our experienced and highly skilled team are highly capable of turning their abilities to engineer almost anything you ask for.

The quality and scope of our well equipped and large workshop has brought us many prestigious clients, with nationally recognized names regularly utilizing our services for a mixture of ongoing projects .

The quality of our workshop, and indeed our services, has lead to us positioning ourselves at the very top of our industry and we work with a wide variety of clients, including the electronics companies and automotive industries.

New System has steadily built a sound reputation for delivering excellent customer services as well as high quality products.